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awake or asleep

Heraclitus wrote: Men are as forgetful and heedless in their waking moments of what is going on around them as they are during their sleep.

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muzak reality

Muzak is functional music, around since 75 years. It affects those who hear it but doesn’t require a conscious listening effort. The key to Muzak’s effectiveness is “stimulus

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why do we get old?

There are many theories of aging (hormonal, wear-and-tear, etc.), but only the overmineralization theory (video) explains why humans age at three different speeds: no biological

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awake and alive

Wakefulness is the way to life. The fool sleeps as if he were already dead, but the master is awake and he lives forever. He

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what are you in the world?

Whether you love Chopin’s mazurkas, Escher’s trompe-d’oille designs or Hilton’s sex tape, your role in shaping this world is one of three: You’re pro-active, resourceful,

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