The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can't are both right.

This journal aims to document failures and breakthroughs in an objective manner by exposing, reflecting upon and considering each case, but leaving "lessons learnt" and conclusions to the experience and know-how of a reader.

Documented cases draw on a wide range of topics - business, historic, economic, strategic, entrepreneurial, technological and personal failures and breakthroughs find their way here.

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How to open someone’s mind

COVID19 has resurfaced more than a discussion about pandemics and vaccines. As many admit, fear of the vaccines may be the greatest barrier to stopping

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How we feel about covid-19

Experts used to believe that people evaluate risk like actuaries or insurance agents, using objective metrics and pro/con analysis. Many experiments and much research has

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Only peak and end matter

Imagine you arrived at the airport on time, cruised through security, got the seat you wanted, your flight left on time and was smooth, yet

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Rethink sales incentives

Recognise the best, engage the rest Sales incentive programs are usually aimed at the middle 60%-70% of the population. Some might say “why do I

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