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awake or asleep

Heraclitus wrote: Men are as forgetful and heedless in their waking moments of what is going on around them as they are during their sleep.

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hip-hop, creativity and brain functionality

Hip-hop, an artistic expression/culture formed during 70s in Bronx, is a combination of terms — “hip” was used in African-American vernacular English starting in 1898, meaning current or in the know,

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future of human life and biomimicry

4.5 billion years of evolution taught nature what works and what lasts. We’ve been increasingly distancing ourselves from nature: agricultural revolution – grow stock and abandon hunting/gathering;

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stats about our universe

Stats about our universe (in 199 words – didn’t make sense to split): there are 200 billion stars in Milky Way; age of universe between

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is dalai lama a dictator?

What you might not know is that Dalai Lama is considered a “religious dictator” (against his “competitor” Dorje Shugden‘s worshippers) by some. In the West, he is mostly

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mozart inspired einstein

At 5, Einstein began violin lessons but soon found drills trying, once throwing a chair at his teacher. At 13, he discovered Mozart‘s sonatas. Einstein

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