what breeds ideas and innovations

Where good ideas come from claims innovation originates in seven realms:

  1. Adjacent possibilities.Use existing components. Gutenberg used wine press for his printing press.
  2. Liquid networks. 21st-century cities and the Internet make it possible for informal networks to form, enabling idea cross-pollination/inventions.
  3. Slow hunch. It takes years for a hunch to evolve into an invention.
  4. Serendipity. LSDTeflonViagra.
  5. (Unplanned/unexpected) errors. de Forest‘s development of audion diode/triode resulted from erroneous thinking.
  6. ExaptionVacuum tubes were developed for long-distance telephone/radio transmission and later used in computers.
  7. Platforms. Development of TRANSIT, a precursor of GPS by Applied Physics Laboratory.

4 thoughts on “what breeds ideas and innovations

  1. and another … asking for it in the depths of the quiet mind …
    and another … intention/belief … manifest it …

    consciousness has fewer limits than we are accustomed to thinking … it is infinitely connected

  2. Thanks Jesper for the feedback!

    I agree that ideas shape the world. But the world also shapes and conditions the ideas. One can portray a rather accurate picture of the state in which the world is by looking at popular ideas of the time.

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