(tech) innovation stalls – what’s next?

There’s growing realization that value-added technology innovation stalls. How did ancients invent/innovate?

New York Times started its own Google-Labs-style innovation-driving initiative called beta620. A response to stalling news industry?

Recently, Google’s CFO acknowledged that every single day 15% of the queries Google handles are completely new/never seen before.

Also, many modern financial tools (cheques, stock-certificates, bills-of-exchange) have ancient roots.

Even Roman dictator’s post was an innovative response to demands/aspirations of the time, namely overcoming inter-fighting of magistrates. List of Roman inventions are must serve as examples for modern leaders aspiring to innovate.

Isn’t it time for 21st-century value-based innovations?

2 thoughts on “(tech) innovation stalls – what’s next?

  1. needs a more developed consciousness, a more subtle awareness, a recognition of the interconnectedness of life, an understanding of intention and attention and how whole-brain learning happens …

    all existing tech is an extension of what the mind can do … expand the mind to expand technology

  2. Thanks a lot Gregory for your comment!

    Invaluable words..

    Unfortunately, human mentality tends to shift after dramatic/shock events. 9/11 is a case in point and so (from the opposite point) is our inability to take global warming seriously. The former was a shock that affected us directly or indirectly, whereas the latter is a gradual process not affecting many of us.

    That said, I think China and India stand to gain the most from mentality changes ,as their mentalities have been and are closer at grasping the wholeness, interconnectedness and intentionality of our world and ourselves.

    What do you think?

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