Common treats of crazy and geniuses

Beethoven. Michaleangelo. Dickens. Common treats?

Mentally ill/psychotic.

Brahe. Morse. Tesla.

Crazy habits and behavioral patterns.

According to Hans Eysenck, psychotic tendencies translate well into creative endeavors via overinclusiveness (drawing upon many ideas/connections/treats no one else sees and formulating original/effective approaches/solutions), a basis for divergent thinking, in itself a hallmark of all geniuses.

Geniuses are in most cases successful innovators; they question, observe, network, experiment and think associatively.

Modern/fresh tentatives? Reliable energy VS. poverty = EnergyInCommon. Charity VS. social change VS. fair-trade = LemonAid.

P.S. To prove he was a god, Empedocles jumped into a volcano…

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