7 things entrepreneurs can learn from art of loving

Eleanor of Aquitane is the origin of courtly love. Courts of Love, troubadours and de Troyes bore her influence.

Philosopher Fromm presents love as a skill that can be learnt/nurtured, not unlike entrepreneurship.

Ideally, I (entrepreneur) feel towards you (idea):

  1. intense desire/attraction;
  2. full dedication without (material) expectations in return;
  3. no sense of rigid ownership;
  4. love for what you’re now – support in your desire to grow;
  5. need to constantly communicate/interact;
  6. your right to go your way with my love/support still with you, despite me/my feelings;
  7. joy for moments shared together.

Love is the highest feeling humans can attain.

2 thoughts on “7 things entrepreneurs can learn from art of loving

  1. Interesting, but I can’t agree with point 2 “full dedication without (material) expectations in return” – to me it sounds totally non applicable in entrepreneurship/business, the idea of business being basically calculation for greater return!:)
    On the other hand bearing in mind that Fromm was a neofreudist, it is absolutely justified to view entrepreneurship (but not only it ) as a form of sublimation.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!!

    Entreperneurship is all about you turning your passion into a business enterprise, and while having fun while working, the ideal consequence is that of making money! If you focus on money from the beginning, it will never come.

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