what are you in the world?

Whether you love Chopin’s mazurkas, Escher’s trompe-d’oille designs or Hilton’s sex tape, your role in shaping this world is one of three:

  1. You’re pro-active, resourceful, passionate and participate, in your own way, in shaping the world within and without you.
  2. You’re reactive, curious and have a stable-ish job – content to watch the world go by and be fascinated.
  3. You’re very much into your bubble, with little care/curiosity about anything else except your job/friends/family – don’t have a clear idea about what/why/how of the world.

Do you even know how to listen to the world?

gaming can save the world


  • 3 billion hours/week playing online games (21 billion to save the world).
  • In games we become best versions of ourselves.
  • World of Warcraft (second biggest wiki worldwide; 5 million people playt it every month) is an ideal game world simulating reality.
  • WoW-players have collectively spent 5.93 million years solving virtual world problems.
  • Unlimited satisfaction from feeling of being on verge of epic-win makes us spend much time playing.
  • A youth in a game-culture country spends on average 10.000 hours gaming by 21.
  • >500 million gamers spend >1hour a day playing games.
  • games give us: urgent optimism + social fabric + blissful productivity + epic-winning = super-empowered hopeful individuals.