less posts – deeper ideas

Preparing and posting each day, especially hoping to satisfy tastes of those curious, multi-disciplinary individuals is not an easy task.

As part of my experiment, I decided to post less – once/twice a week rather than daily – but  go deeper in some of subject matters. As I didn’t get much feedback/comments/suggestions/input for the first 2.5 months of this blog’s existence, I presume that this course of action may be acceptable for all those subscribed and sporadic readers.

Again, I would love your comments, about this blog generally or about any post in particular, and suggestions for improvement of quality of content.



To post every week with DailyPost

This experimental (read: beta) is for scanners/polymaths/curious people who like learning about life from all perspectives/angles.

I started this experiment to commit myself to more learning and writing something new for you (my audience), regularly.

To keep on this challenging task, I thought I’d commit myself to a nice initiative organized by WordPress.com called The DailyPost. The idea is to post at least once a week for the rest of this year.

With time and other constrains, hopefully I’ll keep on posting and engaging/being engaged with a committed and interesting community of bloggers out there.



Hello world – in less or equal to 101 words

Today, like any other day, I didn’t manage to catch up with my constantly-increasing pile of reading materials.

I was looking for a site which would satisfy a polymath’s cross-industrial curiosity with no-bullshit, pithy, interesting pieces from tech, business and even philosophy. I only found 101 words of fictional stories.  Stories were brief, inspiring, creative, but not what I was looking for.

This blog’s aim to press up to 101 words of  interesting/unique insights on a range of topics across different industries.

If you can’t write your idea on the back of my calling card, you don’t have a clear idea.  ~David Belasco

Introducing failures

Hello, my name is Hayk and I am going to talk about failures. Why failures? What failures? Why me?

Failures because there is countless number of websites, individuals out there on the Web, at business conferences, during political rallies, and simply at any avenue where human activity takes place that talk about successes. It is normal. Success is something we all aspire in our everyday lives, in achievement of our goals. We are inspired, motivated and driven by successes of others. Our line of thinking is simple – if we find “secret formula” or get a glimpse of major factors causing success, be it personal or professional, we might then be able to imitate or adopt it to extent where our own affairs will improve and we will feel ourselves achieving our objectives and gaining higher grounds. Failures, on the other hand, are not easy to cope with, learn from, or let go. Failures are taken at their negative face value and as such are usually shun and rubbed under carpet. Many prefer to forget than to review and learn from them. Sites documenting failures are scarce, if any, biased, and full of stereotypical and prejudgmental conclusions. This blog will attempt to balance things out.

Failures I will discuss here vary in subject matter, scope and nature. Personal, business, political failures will feature here. I will draw on history, politics, economics, psychology, physiology, etc.

Well, I am no expert in failure management (I coined the term, it seems?) nor I am expert in history, economics or any other discipline I am going to talk about in this blog. What makes me qualified to talk about failures? Well, nothing, really. I am merely going to document failures in as balanced and objective way as possible. I will leave “lessons learnt” and “conclusions” to you. I am a mere scribe, if you prefer.

So let’s begin, then?