Hello, I'm Hayk.

Innovation | Behavioural Economics | Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain


Things I Am

Business specialist

  • Business turnaround (corporate restructuring, new product and market launches, product line revamp, cost optimization)
  • Digital transformation (digital products, business models)
  • Business development (sales & account management, go-to-market strategy)
  • Intrapreneur and entrepreneur (three startups with one exit)

Advisor / Mentor

  • Product (business model, incentive systems, product management, industry trends)
  • Behavioural economics (incentive systems, market design, behavioural game theory, data models/analysis)
  • Innovation (business model, demand, strategy)
  • Business development (investor connections, partner referrals)
  • Blockchain (technology, business model, crypto economics)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (technology, approach, use cases)



These days, I am stationed in sunny Singapore, doing regional business development at Nexmo .

I specialize and advise in topics related to innovation, strategy, AI and blockchain to MNCs and startups globally. Previously, I held senior roles of digital transformation and business turnaround (Global Yellow Pages) around the world. I worked with and consulted SMEs and MNCs across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

I hustle for and with projects at Vision Capital, ICO and blockchain advisory in South East Asia, advise startups as an Expert-in-Residence at SOSV, the biggest VC accelerator in the world, and am the Asia point-contact at Prysm Group, top blockchain economics and governance agency in North America and Europe.

Excited to share my learnings via my journal!



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