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101 and failures of Machine Learning

Nowadays, ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) and ‘machine learning’ (ML) are cliches that people use to signal awareness about technological trends. Companies tout AI/ML as panaceas to

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apple and judiciary of cool

It was perceivable that “to Google” became a verb synonymous with “to search;” but it might’ve been difficult to forecast a judiciary ruling on the

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is democracy bad for growth?

Why did China outperform India? “Shanghai Theory of Economic Growth” Infrastructures Strong government State capitalism and government ownership Democracy is a hindrance to growth It

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gaming can save the world

Take-aways: 3 billion hours/week playing online games (21 billion to save the world). In games we become best versions of ourselves. World of Warcraft (second biggest

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what breeds ideas and innovations

Where good ideas come from claims innovation originates in seven realms: Adjacent possibilities.Use existing components. Gutenberg used wine press for his printing press. Liquid networks. 21st-century cities and the Internet make

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