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(tech) innovation stalls – what’s next?

There’s growing realization that value-added technology innovation stalls. How did ancients invent/innovate? New York Times started its own Google-Labs-style innovation-driving initiative called beta620. A response to

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music, life and pan

Did you know that music can teach about life and history? A native of Trinidad and Tobago, pan, was originally used for communication between enslaved

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creativity and bacon

One past extensive research about creativity asked the question “What are creative people like?” concluding, creative people: work very hard; are more disposed to setting

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Common treats of crazy and geniuses

Beethoven. Michaleangelo. Dickens. Common treats? Mentally ill/psychotic. Brahe. Morse. Tesla. Crazy habits and behavioral patterns. According to Hans Eysenck, psychotic tendencies translate well into creative endeavors via overinclusiveness

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David (crowdsourcing) vs Goliath (innovation)

Crowdsourcing is predicted to outshine innovation. According to one research, nearly 50% entrepreneurs/startups are developing “knowledge-as-a-service” models, and crowdsourcing (not innovation)is THE jump-starter. Crowdsourcing has

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